Be Original, Go Custom.

Designed by us, for you.

You wont find our pieces on the rack at your local department store, and you definitely wont see someone else wearing your custom piece. Everything we design, is 100% inspired by you, your personality, your body, your lifestyle, your events. That’s who we are and we’ll never change.

So you saw our latest show and you’re thinking, “Well that’s gorg, but how am I suppose to afford that?” or “Well that’s pretty but, it’ll never work for my body type…”

Don’t fret my dears! Every, single, tiny part of our garments can reflect your hopes and dreams. So if you were inspired by something you saw on our runway, we are 1000% down for creating you a custom look based off of it – no matter your budget or size. We can use the runway piece to start as a launching point for a custom piece, made just for you.

At DH, we believe that passion is shown through the innards of a garment, and depending on our client’s preference we love keeping things raw and delicately detailed.

From an entirely hand-stitched and beaded bridal gown too, hand-placed lace with custom flower details, we’ve never cut ourselves off from creating the vision and dream we create with you during your initial consultation. If it can’t be done by machine, we’ll do it by hand. We never give up on creating the vision of our DH muse, which is you.

Working with our quirky and passionate designer will always help create a custom experience that is all about you. But what our clients end up valuing the most, is our ‘styling sesh’ before your big event.

Whether your a fashion passionate senior looking to wow at Prom, or a Bride with a statement to make…or even walking the red carpet – we offer all of our clients an in-person styling session where you can rent pieces from our accessories off the runway, have us go through your top options (or entire jewelry box, whatever!) or order custom pieces from us to help boost your look into that full DH muse vibe!

We know that planning your big day is a huge, and sometimes quite stressful ordeal, especially when you’ve been to every shop in town and just haven’t had that “magic moment”. Working with brides, is one of our favorite things to do, because we know how special and one-of-a-kind this gown will need to be and make you feel.

Having access to a designer that really cares about making your Bridal experience 100% about you, your needs and your happiness is important, plus who wants to log on social media in a month and find out that girl you hated in high school wore the same dress as you!

We believe in giving you as much information as possible before working with us – and that sometimes means that your first one-on-one with our designer can end up being a “Q&A”, which doesn’t leave much room for the creative parts.

This is why we do first consultations for new clients, FO’ FREE. Our designer can meet you up for coffee and doughnuts or chat with you over the phone, help you sort out what you think you might want versus all those Pinterest pics you pinned the night before.  This is a great way to help our clients get all their nerves out and helps our designer get down to the nitty gritty of what our client really wants, and what we know they really need.

Okay, so you just found out you’ve got a lower budget than expected for your big day (whether it’s Senior Prom, or THE big day – we don’t judge…Diva’s)

Not to worry, make an appointment to talk things through with our designer and you’d be surprised to find out what we can do for you when we’re inspired. We keep a stock of fabrics from collections and past clients that we can use for new clients that are on the lower end of the budget pole. So don’t feel like you have to settle for something “simple” from a big name Bridal/Formal shop – we’ve got your back and your budget.