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Submitting this form does not guarantee that we are booked for your event or available. We ask that you put the date of your event and as much of the information as you can in order for DH to assess and plan for your event.

After submitting, our team will reach out to you directly within the next 48 hours, to help book a call to go over the opportunity (should we be interested and available) at the designers best availability. Should you have an urgent request we suggest emailing us directly at dfhdesigns@outlook.com for the quickest response from a team member.

Q + A

How many collections do we produce?

At DH we produce up to two 18 look collections each year, one focusing on Spring/Summer and the other on Fall/Winter.

How Far in Advanced Do We Need to Know?

If we know about a show far enough in advanced we can offer up to 20 looks (2 additional looks to premiere at your event). Our preferred “advance” is about 3.5 months.

Through out the year we lend, sell and rent out our pieces to clients, photographers, and magazines. Having this short period of knowledge before your event helps us get everything back into our studio, adjusted for models, and prepped so we can best display our brand and best represent your event.

What Kind of Pieces are usually in our collections?

It completely depends on the season and what our designer is inspired by for that collection.

Our Collections usually fall within the “Avant-Garde Evening Wear” niche and incorporate pieces with several¬† couture techniques.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly at dfhdesigns@outlook.com to find out what our current collection will feature. We try to have press packs available each season.

What Kind of Events Have We Taken Part in?

Everything from Model Casting Sessions, Design Competitions, Editorial Styling, Event Creative Direction, Fashion Classes, Fashion Shows (Runway), to Static Presentations for NYFW.

We LOVE getting involved in all aspects of the fashion and creative industry. Contact us to tell us more about your event!

Payments & Fees

We know putting on a show or event is costly, however – so is producing and putting together a collection that will promote, and better your event in the long run. So we ask that you please consider this before reaching out and asking us for thousands of dollars just to take part in your event.

There’s no such thing as a fashion show without the designs, people, and besides – Wouldn’t you rather have an amazing set of designers who’ve poured their blood, sweat, tears and personal life into a collection that will sell, get you tons of online traction and boost your event for next year?